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 Pacha Mamma Massage & Sound Therapy has set new CoVid-19 protocols in place for your safety and the safety of our therapist.

AHS requirements for massage therapy: by appointment only, no walk-ins allowed. Masks are now mandatory to wear during massage sessions.

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Pacha Mamma Massage & Sound Therapy is located at 112196 266 Avenue West, Foothills, AB.

10 minutes southwest of Spruce Meadows within the peaceful rolling foothills.

Massage Packages and specials are available. Savings on each 60 minute session by purchasing multiple sessions. Can be used in conjunction with extended health benefit packages.

Contact Kathryn directly for details.


Kathryn Kessler, RMT Foothills, Alberta

I am Kathryn Kessler, a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic relaxation massage with the added benefit of sound vibration therapy. I have been interested in massage for 29 years, since my first son was born. During his bath time routine, I would massage lotion on him after his bath, noticing the impact it had on his overall well-being. That was the beginning of my journey to helping others heal.

I offer sound vibration therapy in conjunction with therapeutic relaxation massage. By combining the massage with the vibrations of sound, you are essentially massaged from the inside out. You can read more about the benefits of each of these healing methods here. My certifications include the MRU Diploma in Massage Therapy (2200 Hours) and CranioSacral Therapy Level 3.

I find helping support someone’s healing deeply fulfilling. It is immensely satisfying helping someone to feel better. It amazes me how a body can suffer an injury, strain or trauma and after 5-6 massage and sound vibration sessions, the body is 90% healed, the person is feeling better and more relaxed. My absolute favourite part of doing this work is watching my clients walk out of my office with a dreamy, sleepy look. That’s when I know that I have taken them from fight & flight to rest & digest, and their body is beginning to heal. 

Pacha Mamma Massage & Therapy is located at, 112196 266 Ave. West, Foothills, Alberta.

The general benefits of massage can include: 

  • restful sleep
  • decreased pain
  • increased circulation to sore and tired muscles which improves muscle function
  • decreased frequency and severity of tension headaches
  • improved posture and counteract imbalances from sitting for hours at a computer
  • improved immunity
  • reduced stress both physically and emotionally

Massage is like the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Regular massage helps the body to relax and improve circulation, which brings fresh blood to muscles. This effect can help the body to naturally heal itself. Having a massage at least once a month helps to keep the muscles tuned and ready for activity, as well as relax the mind. It’s the perfect addition to any self-care regime; like a mini-vacation each month!

I also offer the added benefit of sound vibration therapy with every massage. Therapeutic massage is relaxing all on its own, but therapeutic relaxation massage WITH sound vibration therapy takes the experience to a much deeper, more relaxing state. You can read more about the benefits of sound therapy here.