Pacha Mamma Massage & Therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is listening to soothing, carefully toned music that calms the mind, body and soul. The many benefits of sound therapy include:

  • stress reduction
  • pain reduction
  • increased energy, concentration, and memory
  • improved immune response
  • increased sleep quality
  • relaxation
  • the ability to achieve a deeper meditation.

All things have a vibration, right down to the molecules inside cells. They all vibrate in balance with each other. When that perfect balance of vibration becomes unbalanced dis-ease occurs, causing pain, stress, low energy, anxiety, lack of concentration and a poor immune system. Sound therapy can bring this perfect vibration back into balance. It brings a unique and deeper experience to a regular massage. It’s like getting a massage from the inside out! Sound vibration reaches the areas that a therapist is not able to (like brainwaves, internal organs and molecules) while the therapist massages your muscles.

I use a state of the art Sound Therapy table, also known as Vibracoustic Table. The table is equipped with four stereo speakers mounted to the underside of a massage table. This allows you to feel the music as you lay on the table. Each song is personally chosen for your needs. The frequencies within the song vibrate at different levels and in turn vibrate every cell in your body. This vibration brings your mind body and soul back to it's original perfect balance thus alleviating "dis-ease". During the session you may feel peaceful and relaxed, and may even fall asleep. After the session you will likely feel calm, energized and light. Clients have reported that the night of their session, “they experienced the best sleep they have had in months!”

Of course, if you do not want to use the Sound Therapy during your session, please let me know and I will be able to turn the table off.