Pacha Mamma Massage & Therapy

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic massage relieves trigger points within muscle tissue, helps to breakdown adhesions from overuse or injury, reduces pain and returns the tissues to normal function. Relaxation massages increase circulation of the lymphatic system and blood systems, which helps to remove metabolic waste from muscles. As is implied in the names, it also relaxes your mind and allows you to distress. The use of these two modalities helps each client to achieve healing, improved movement, improved circulation and a peaceful, relaxed body, mind and soul. This type of massage is aimed at bringing the body, mind and soul out of “fight & flight” stress into “rest & digest” peacefulness.

Benefits of Therapeutic Relaxation Massage include:

  • improved immunity
  • increased circulation to sore and tires muscles to improve muscle function
  • restful sleep
  • decreased pain
  • decrease severity and frequency of tension headaches
  • improved posture and counteraction of the imbalances from sitting for hours at a computer

During your session you may feel peaceful and relaxed, and may fall asleep. Many clients report having a deep, restful sleep the night of their sessions.